Success in today’s competitive business environment requires the development of customized applications that are designed to meet all of the user’s needs. To quickly help develop, maintain, and support these client/server applications, tools are necessary to provide a methodology and framework for the development team.

PowerArchitect is a "PowerBuilder Architecture" that provides all of these features and is a fresh alternative to the existing class libraries and frameworks. Specifically designed for use with all new Client/Server development projects, not only does PowerArchitect have a full set of class libraries, it also provides an easy step-by-step methodology for application coding.

Up to three levels of inheritance and built-in extension layers provide programmers with a consistent coding standard while minimizing development time and increasing productivity. Novice as well as experienced developers joining the project will find PowerArchitect an easy tool to learn and use due to its extensive pre-coded windows, user object libraries, and full-featured documentation.

From meeting your user’s current needs to providing long-term maintenance and add-on flexibility, PowerArchitect is the best rapid application development tool for today’s Client/Server PowerBuilder applications.

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