AJACOM Corporation has been providing staffing services to clients since the middle of the last decade. Our goal is simple: Build and retain long-term relationships with our clients by continuously providing them with the most eligible and professionally skilled candidates available.

We know that each client has a unique business environment and needs to fill a specific candidate requirement. Our approach is to listen to the client needs and establish a clear understanding of the desired candidate skills. This, in turn, allows us to narrow the field of possible applicants and minimize the client interview process.

Meet The Client. To better understand the company environment, we take the ‘hands-on’ approach: One of our account managers initially meets with the client hiring manager or HR representative to discuss in detail their immediate and future employment needs. From hiring policies to corporate culture we build a client profile that allows us to identify candidates that meet the clients every hiring criteria.

Submit Pre-Qualified Candidates. Once we understand the work place and what the client is looking for, we can identify candidates that meet the top percentile of their requirements. We walk through a detailed interview process with each candidate, test their skills in their respective fields and perform personal and professional reference checks to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

This stringent employment process allows us to submit pre-qualified candidates that will excel in the clients work environment.

Minimize Interview Time. Because AJACOM performs the detailed and time consuming interview process, very little time is required by the client to identify and hire that ‘perfect’ candidate. From reference and background checks to skill testing, we work with the client to pre-screen each candidate and thus minimize their interview time.

Access To Candidates Not Looking. It is a known fact that many job seekers are not actively looking for a job but will consider a change if the opportunity presents itself. Because of our extensive field search capabilities and unique resources we continuously identify stable and reliable candidates that prove invaluable to our client needs.

Minimize Costs. To find and hire the right employee is not only time consuming but often quite expensive. Running employment ads and maintaining an HR staff that identifies, interviews, screens and tests each applicant adds to the bottom line. Our success is built on saving clients money by minimizing their overhead and any ‘hidden’ employment costs while providing them with a pool of pre-qualified candidates that meet their job criteria.

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We look forward to being your staffing solution of choice.

· Accounts Payable Manager
· Accounts Payable Supervisor
· Accounts Payable/Receivable Manager
· Accounts Receivable Manager
· Accounts Receivable Supervisor
· Accounting Supervisor
· Assistant Branch Manager
· Auditing Manager
· Auditing Supervisor
· Billing Supervisor
· Branch Manager
· Branch Service Manager
· Budget Manager
· Cash Management Manager
· Claims Supervisor
· Cost Accounting Manager
· Cost Accounting Supervisor
· Credit Analysis Manager
· Financial Analysis Manager
· Financial Reporting Manager
· General Accounting Manager
· Information Systems Auditor Manager
· Operations Supervisor
· Payroll Manager
· Risk Modeling Manager
· Tax Manager
· Tax Research Manager
· Accounting Executive
· Actuarial Executive
· Audit Executive
· Certified Public Accountant
· Chief Financial Officer
· Chief Internal Auditor
· Chief Operating Officer
· Collections Executive
· Consumer Credit Manager
· Consumer Lending Executive
· Consumer Loan Manager
· Credit and Collections Executive
· Credit Executive
· Environmental Executive
· Financial Analysis Executive
· Financial Systems Executive
· Loan Servicing Manager
· Mortgage Executive
· Real Estate Executive
· Risk Management Executive
· Tax Executive
· Underwriting Executive
· Accountant
· Accounting Clerk
· Actuary
· Appraiser
· Billing Clerk
· Bookkeeper
· Budget Analyst
· Cash Management Officer
· Cashier, General
· Claims Adjuster
· Claims Analyst
· Claims Examiner
· Collateral Appraiser
· Controller
· Cost Accountant
· Financial Analyst
· Financial Planning Analyst
· Information Systems Auditor
· Internal Auditor
· Operations Clerk
· Payroll Administrator
· Payroll Clerk
· Price Analyst
· Retail Branch Trainer
· Tax Accountant