AJACOM's IT Staffing/Consulting services division focuses on and provides clients with project solutions that encompass highly skilled information technology professionals. Over the years, our consulting industry experience has proven to be one of the most important resources in the ever-changing technology industry.

We know that each client has a unique business environment and requires technical expertise to successfully complete a project or develop that custom application.

That's where AJACOM comes in.

Our approach is to listen to the client needs and establish a clear understanding of the project, including the technology used and the professional skills required. This, in turn, allows us to provide clients with a complete IT solution that includes state-of-the-art technology and the most qualified consultants available.

Whether you're looking for a specific IT Professional or you're in a process of staffing a complete IT project, AJACOM can provide you with the consulting resources you need.

Meet The Client. To better understand the company environment, we take the ‘hands-on’ approach: One of our account managers initially meets with the client IT manager or designated representative to discuss in detail their project needs and the resources required. From hiring policies to corporate culture we then build a client profile that allows us to identify the needed resources.

Provide Experienced Consultants. Once we understand the work place and what the client is looking for technically, we can commit consultants that meet the top percentile of the project requirements. From Project Managers to Database Administrators to front-end Application Developers we make sure that our IT Professionals exceed the client's every expectation.

Minimize Interview Time. Because AJACOM performs the time consuming process of searching for and pre-screening each consultant, very little time is required by the client to identify that ‘perfect’ IT professional. From reference and background checks to skill testing, we pre-screen each consultant and thus minimize the client's interview time.

Access To Experienced Consultants. AJACOM is constantly working with experienced consultants that possess the unique skills clients are looking for. As technology changes, clients can count on AJACOM's IT professionals to stay-up-to-date with their current technical skills. By using consultants experienced in their specific field, clients will not only benefit from their vast technical knowledge but will also minimize the training overhead that goes along with 're-tooling' their existing staff.

Minimize Costs. To find and hire the right IT professional is not only time consuming but often quite expensive. Running employment ads and maintaining an HR staff that identifies, interviews, screens and tests each applicant adds to the bottom line. Our success is built on saving clients money by minimizing their overhead and any ‘hidden’ employment costs while providing them with a pool of pre-qualified IT professionals that meet their project criteria.

To find out more information about our IT Staffing/Consulting Services send an e-Mail to one of our .

We look forward to being your Staffing/Consulting solution of choice.

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