HIPAA Compliance

As the healthcare industry is changing to keep up with the technical advances, healthcare facilities must also stay current on the latest government rules and regulations. One such regulation that is affecting almost every healthcare facility in the country is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or ‘HIPAA’.

Although complicated and still evolving, several identifiable HIPAA administrative simplifications have already been set forth that are designed to improve the information exchange between healthcare related facilities:

 · Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Electronic transfer of information in a standard format between trading partners. Transactions affected by this new format include enrollment, eligibility, payment and remittance advice, claims, health plan premium payments, health claim status, and referral certification and authorization.
 · Code Sets
Data sets that uniformly define patient visits including procedures and diagnosis.
 · Identifiers
Numbers used to identify healthcare providers, health plans, employers, and patients.
 · Security
Standards used at all stages of transmission and storage of healthcare information that ensure integrity and confidentiality of records.
 · Privacy
Information disclosure standards that protect patient healthcare information and rights.

Since an average of 26 cents of every healthcare dollar is spent on administrative overhead, many facilities are not only looking at HIPAA as a compliance effort but also as a way to minimize their internal expenditure. By optimizing business practices and standardizing the way information and computer systems interact with each other, benefits such as lower administrative costs, enhanced accuracy of data and reports, increased customer satisfaction, reduced cycle time and improved cash management will become evident.

As the Department of Health and Human Services continues to adopt national uniform standards for the electronic transmission of health information, AJACOM will continue to monitor the developments and provide HIPAA compliance to our customers. We understand the processes and challenges each healthcare facility is facing and we are committed to their compliance efforts.

To find out more about HIPAA compliance and how AJACOM can assist clients with their internal processes and proprietary computer systems, contact one of our by e-Mail.