Working closely with our Consulting Services division, AJACOM's Medical IT Services division focuses specifically on the healthcare industry. Based on years of IT experience providing clients technical solutions, we have the necessary skills and resources clients require to stay competitive in the medical arena.

Our services range from simple consulting services to complete 'cradle-to-grave' project management and IT solutions. We understand the complexity of today's information technology and how it relates to the healthcare industry. Because of this experience we are well equipped to assist clients in various IT resource needs including HIPAA compliance support.

Public Law 104-191, or more commonly known as The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed into law August 21, 1996. This industry sweeping, landmark legislation affects nearly everyone involved in the healthcare process from providers to health care information systems vendors to payers.

The primary goal of the Act is to improve portability and continuity of health insurance coverage in order to combat waste, fraud, and abuse within health insurance and healthcare delivery.

What does this mean to the healthcare industry?

Many standards must not only be implemented from the hospital level, but from the information systems perspective as well. Close study and scrutinization of HIPAA regulation is warranted by the entire healthcare industry.

As final rules are eventually mandated, each standard must be met in a timely manner. For those ignoring HIPAA regulation, stiff fines are a real possibility.

Helping clients achieve their business goals while staying technically ahead of the competition is what AJACOM's Medical IT Services is all about. From developing front-end applications to migrating legacy data to providing HIPAA compliance support, AJACOM presents customers with a total solution.

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We look forward to being your Medical IT Services solution of choice.

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