iStaff Application Release

AJACOM has recently upgraded the internal application used to manage, track and maintain our client and candidate data. The new application, named 'iStaff', is not only used by our recruiting and marketing departments to better service our customers but it also provides better control of our internal information management.

Developed by AJACOM's Consulting Services division, this enterprise application supports website integration and automates various tasks done manually by many staffing agencies.

From dynamic job posting updates to automated 'A+ List' and 'HotJobs Alert' list subscriptions the new management tool paves the way to a better service of our client and candidate base.

Listed below are some of the new iStaff application features and functionality:

 · Better Client/Candidate Search and Management
A new application interface allows for better search capabilities and information management. Users can query data using extensive search criteria and drill-down into client and candidate detail records with a single mouse click.
 · Client and Candidate Contact Management
Easier management of client, candidate and related data is now possible within the iStaff application. From setting up appointments to logging phone and e-Mail conversations, the new interface allows for detailed information tracking with minimal data entry and simplified navigation.
 · Accounting Integration
Several built-in accounting features make it easier to manage client and candidate data. From tracking candidate billing hours to automatically generating client invoices, iStaff application simplifies the complete client-candidate process and minimizes the data entry time.
 · Extensive Reporting
Various reports are available ranging from simple query lists to extensive accounting reports. In addition to the 'default' reports, users can generate their own custom reports within various application areas using the built-in interface.
 · Website Integration
Built-in website integration eliminates redundant data entry and allows for easier information dissemination to targeted audiences. From automated resume submittals to distribution of marketing materials, the iStaff application makes it easier and saves time.
 · Dynamic Job Postings
New job postings entered into the central database are automatically displayed on the website. This allows job seekers to view the latest employment opportunities instantaneously and without any additional data entry.
 · Automated Resume Submittal
Resumes submitted via the web, under the 'Jobs' menu item, are automatically logged and distributed to the recruiting staff for perusal.
 · Online Application and Registration
Candidates can fill out the Employment Application online. Prior to the registration process and the face-to-face interview with one of our recruiters, candidates can now login on the web and fill out the Employment Application online. This allows for a quicker interview time for both the candidate and the recruiter.
 · Automated 'A+ List' and 'HotJobs Alert' Subscriptions
Clients and candidates can now subscribe online to our 'A+ List' and 'HotJobs Alert' lists, respectively. These automated subscriptions allow more control over the list distribution without taking up extra time for maintenance.
 · Automated 'A+ List' e-Mail and Fax Distribution
Clients can now automatically receive our HTML based 'A+ List' that contains our top, pre-qualified candidates. These automated healthcare industry specific distributions, received on a weekly basis via e-Mail and/or Fax, prove invaluable to employers that are looking for that 'perfect' candidate.
 · Automated 'HotJobs Alert' e-Mail Distribution
Candidates can now automatically receive our HTML based 'HotJobs Alert' list that contains our latest job postings. These automated healthcare industry specific distributions, received on a weekly basis via e-Mail, allow candidates to view potential employment opportunities at their own leisure.

To find out more about AJACOM's iStaff application or to get more information regarding our application licensing for your internal use, please contact one of our via e-Mail.