AJACOM Corporation is a leading-edge provider of data-centric custom software application development and information technology consulting services. Our corporate focus encompasses 'Strategic System Planning', 'Application Development', 'Project Management' and 'Technical Staffing'.

As an industry leader in Internet, Extranet and Client/Server Open Systems technology, we provide the knowledge and industry experience to assist our clients with their constantly changing corporate and business needs.

AJACOM's Application Development Division harnesses the latest Internet/Intranet, Client/Server and RAD technology to provide our clients with state-of-the-art, long-term application solutions. Our services range from initial database design and application prototyping through complete re-engineering of existing systems and product deployment. The ability to repeatedly deliver successful application solutions to our clients is the single-most important element that distinguishes AJACOM from the field of competitors.

AJACOM's Consulting Services Division focuses on and provides our clients with highly skilled information technology professionals. Over the years, our consulting industry experience has proven to be one of the most important resources in the ever-changing technology and since AJACOM recruits, hires and retains technical professionals through career diversity, financial incentives and ownership, our clients have come to rely on us for their technical resource needs.

Weather in application development or consulting services, AJACOM's technical expertise ranges from healthcare to manufacturing to financial investment industry. From Kaiser Permanente's Radiology tracking systems to Fujitsu's assembly line monitoring application development, AJACOM has consistently delivered effective technology solutions. Our vast experience with the latest information technology ensures that the client's business objectives are met and their expectations have been exceeded.

More than ever, companies must consolidate and readily access critical information in order to provide better customer service and ensure market leadership. AJACOM creates the strategy to manage, and build these powerful solutions that help companies achieve their business objectives and enjoy continued growth within the constantly evolving market place.

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· Development Projects
 · Hardware/Software Conversions
  · Data Conversions

Application/System Programming
· Planning/Definition/Management
 · Project Development
  · System Analysis/Design
   · Coding/Testing/Debugging
    · Maintenance
     · Implementation
      · Documentation
· PowerBuilder
 · PowerArchitect
  · Visual Basic
   · Delphi
    · C/C++
     · Java
      · Active X
       · CGI/Perl
        · Web.PB
         · SilverStream
          · Cold Fusion
           · MS Visual InterDev
            · .Net
· MS SQL Server
 · Sybase SQL Server
  · Sybase SQL Anywhere
   · Oracle
    · Informix
     · Internet Servers

· Internet
 · Extranet
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