New Relationships

AJACOM’s Healthcare Staffing division is continuing to lead the competition in front-office and back-office candidate placements. As most clients realize, it is difficult to find candidates that match their specific employment criteria. From advertising to interviewing, the process is lengthy and can become quite costly if the right employees are not targeted.

Because of our resourcefulness and drive to provide clients with the most qualified and professional candidates, we have become a ‘one source solution’ for many clients looking for Temporary and Permanent employees. And our client list continues to grow daily not just because of our marketing efforts but because of referrals.

In this competitive healthcare industry, it is refreshing to find clients that refer our Healthcare Staffing services to other medical facilities purely because of our successful relationships with them. We believe that the key to quality service in the staffing industry is not just candidate placement but rather the relationship we establish with the clients and the service commitment we represent.

At AJACOM’s Healthcare Staffing, we have the resources and a history of experienced candidates to provide clients with the right candidate fit. Our seasoned recruiters not only locate, screen and pre-qualify potential employees but they also keep in touch with our base of registered candidates. From receptionists to physicians, we know where each candidate is, what positions they are interested in and when would be the right time for them to make a career move. Maintaining such close relationships with candidates allows us to fill client positions faster than anyone else in the industry and thus stay above the competition.

To find out more about the clients we work with and how we successfully provide the staffing solutions they look for, contact one of our by e-Mail or call us directly
at (972) 889-3880.