AJACOM Corporation is a multi-million dollar, privately held company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Established in 1995, AJACOM initially started as an Information Technology service provider but soon diversified into other ventures including providing Healthcare Staffing Services to the medical industry.

Since our inception, our objective has been to provide clients with the best services possible. By constantly changing our approach when it comes to improving productivity and minimizing cost, our customers continuously rely on AJACOM employees to deliver outstanding products and services.

One of our core strengths is the ability to hire professionals that possess the skills required by our clients. From our technical project leads and managers that understand client needs to our account managers and recruiters that specialize in their respective customer disciplines, our goal is to maximize our customers' services while minimizing their expenditure.

AJACOM was conceived on the fact that 'We can provide better solutions to clients than any other staffing or consulting company'. Based on this commitment, we continue to deliver state-of-the-art products and services and highly skilled professionals that make the 'Client Difference'.

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